Aaron Castle

Artist / Label Owner, Myth Music

Baron Castle (real name Aaron Castle) cut his teeth on the mid-noughties Australian scene, but it was his relocation to Berlin in 2011 that saw him prevail in multi-faceted fashion. As a DJ, Castle quickly became a regular at clubs such as Tresor, Stattbad and ://about.blank, as well as being booked for festivals and headline shows all over Europe. Apart from DJing, Castle spent the years in Berlin as a producer, programmer and host of Boiler Room, helped manage top labels Hotflush Recordings and Greco-Roman and founded the popular White Tiles events. In 2014 he teamed up with Lando to launch their own label Myth Music, releasing music from the likes of Dorisburg, Young Male, Will & Ink, Sven Von Thulen and Lando. In 2016 he relocated to Sydney and has since then brought his sound to the floors of some of Australia’s most renowned clubs and parties.

My Sessions

Berlin is revered as a cultural and creative hub for electronic music and performance. Home to a large and growing community of expats, we discuss the burgeoning sounds and scenes that define Berlin as a musical mecca.