Glen Cassidy

Co-founder, Cake Wines

Co-founder of Cake Wines, Glen is a passionate communicator with a love for creative, cultural ideas that have a positive impact on the people and cities we live in. In just 5 years Cake Wines has grown to become a recognised national brand and category leader, a wine company celebrating great Australian winemaking alongside a vibrant, un-intimidating culture that goes with enjoying a good drop. Executing some of the most forward thinking and exciting ideas in its category, Cake Wines is known for its contribution to the new culture of wine, hosting events in the most unlikely of spaces, donating proceeds from the sale of wine to FBI Radio and collaborating with artists from all over the globe.

My Sessions

Out Of Home: Exploring Non-Traditional Event Spaces

EMC Forum: (ivy Penthouse) - Building 2 Level 5

With the availability of traditional ‘club’ venues on the decline, promoters are increasingly looking towards non-traditional spaces to hold events. Whether it’s to exist outside the lockout zone, or to create a unique music experience for your audience, the process for operating in a non-licensed venue is challenging one. This panel brings together industry experts […]