Mike Kerry

Director, Danger Mouse Productions

Revered as the worst surfer in Maroubra, Mike’s law student life took a turn for what his Mum still maintains was the wrong direction when he ran around raves with a handycam to make a community TV show called Tekno Station. Broadcasting from an unrentable house in suburban Sydney with an antenna attached to a hills hoist, this show opened the door to to Mike becoming a presenter on Club [V] and Room 208 on Foxtel’s Channel [V], WILD on Channel 7 and CyberShack on Channel 10, followed by a stint as Head of Video at MySpace AU. DangerMouse Productions started 4 years ago and selectively makes content for anyone who wants a video. Despite the fact it didn’t physically happen to him, Mike maintains that from little things big things grow, like in 1999 when his Thursday night DJ residency at Greenwood Hotel led to him starting Sounds on Sunday.

My Sessions

Coming To You Live: Connecting With Audiences Through Live Broadcast

EMC PRO Theatre: (ivy Sunroom) - Building 1, Level 3

With live streaming technology becoming increasingly important for connecting music and audiences, EMC is proud to present a panel dedicated to the art of live streaming. The panel will bring together representatives from some of the most powerful platforms and players in the live streaming space to discuss the opportunity this technology offers for connecting […]