Mirik Milan

Night Mayor of Amsterdam


Since 2012, Mirik Milan has been the Night Mayor of Amsterdam. With years of experience as a creative director, Milan has organised countless parties, fashion shows and cultural events. As a promoter he has travelled the globe, across Europe to the US and Asia, in order to check out the latest and hottest trends and developments in the music and party scene. Thanks to his years of technical experience, he knows exactly how to turn these trends into successful ideas, bringing together creative professionals to help execute these ideas successfully. Milan loves to bring together various elements of today’s culture to turn them into successful and contemporary events. From fashion shows and photo shoots, to contemporary art festivals and block parties, Mirik Milan can do it all.

Companies Milan has recently worked for include VICE, Stedelijk Museum, Spotify, DIESEL, Jameson, Aids Fonds, Meubel Stukken and the City of Amsterdam. Together with DJ Joost van Bellen, Mirik has been running Amsterdam’s Rauw club night since 2003. Rauw helped introduce artists like Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, Justice, Busy P, Crookers, Brodinski and Gesaffelstein to the Dutch dance scene. Mirik Milan is based in Amsterdam, arguably the city of innovation, surrounded by a network full of creative professionals and companies.

The Night Mayor is an independent non-for-profit foundation dedicated to helping build bridges between the municipality, small business owners and residents. By creating a mutual understanding between these, the Night Mayor changes the game to ensure a dynamic nightlife for all to enjoy. As the Night Mayor, Mirik is the spokesman for all things nightlife in Amsterdam. A notable achievement for The Night Mayor was the introduction of 24-hour permits in 2013 for the Hotel and Catering Industry. The introduction of these licences marked a major and significant change for the Dutch capital.

My Sessions

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EMC PRO Theatre: (ivy Sunroom) - Building 1, Level 3

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EMC Boardroom: (ivy Sunroom) - Building 1 Level 3

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Round Table: Mirik Milan & Night Time Economy Stakeholders (Other states)

EMC Boardroom: (ivy Sunroom) - Building 1 Level 3