Bobby Vibe Positive

Artist/ Promoter/ Booking Agent, Vibe Positive

Bobby Vibe Positive is an up and coming Dj, Promoter, Artist. His much loved Vibe Positive party which started as a little party at Freda’s has gone on to sell out every ticketed event he has hosted, all of which have had local only lineups. Bobby is about to launch a new weekly night in conjunction with Pelvis: “Hole of Fame” at 77 as well as a busy summer schedule about to commence featuring collaborations with party outfits from Sydney & Melbourne. An important part of Sydney’s post lockout underground party scene Bobby is always striving to make the perfect party by going above and beyond in terms of decorations, flyers and atmosphere.

My Sessions

Out Of Home: Exploring Non-Traditional Event Spaces

EMC Forum: (ivy Penthouse) - Building 2 Level 5

With the availability of traditional ‘club’ venues on the decline, promoters are increasingly looking towards non-traditional spaces to hold events. Whether it’s to exist outside the lockout zone, or to create a unique music experience for your audience, the process for operating in a non-licensed venue is challenging one. This panel brings together industry experts […]