EMC10 Festival 2022

For EMC’s10th Anniversary, we’re taking over Eora/Sydney and beyond with an electronic and dance music festival program from November 25 to December 15. EMC is partnering with promoters, collectives, agencies, labels and creative crews to present EMC10 Festival events, parties, showcases, club nights, pop ups, films and more.

Why be part of the EMC10 Festival Program?

The EMC10 Festival program is a collaboration between EMC and promoters, venues, dancers, DJs, artists, performers and industry. There’s a fresh energy in Eora/Sydney after battling through almost a decade of tough times. These past challenging years splintered our nightlife across different pockets of Eora/Sydney and beyond. 

Through EMC’s festival program, we aim to shine a big light on all the amazing things happening around the CBD, Inner West, Northern Beaches, Western Sydney and further south and north in Wollongong and Newcastle. 

We believe that by working together collectively in taking over Greater Sydney and beyond with a range of different events across the spectrum of styles of electronic and dance music, we can inspire thousands of people to get off the couch, get on the dancefloor and celebrate everything that’s great about music and summer in this great city of ours. 

What’s involved:

  • Marketing and PR campaign including national and international media, advertising, digital and radio 
  • Direct marketing to a database of 3,873,000 email subscribers combined across EMC and key partners, with more across co-promotional partners (peak bodies, universities & interest groups)
  • Combined social reach of 226,663 across EMC and key partners, with more across co-promotional partners (peak bodies, universities & interest groups)
  • Free Pro Account with Muzeek for the duration of the festival program, including Moshtix integration, giving you real-time ticket sales and P&L data at your fingertips and reducing double handling – never manually build tickets in Moshtix again!
  • Each participating promoter receives 1x complimentary Industry Conference Pass to EMC10 Conference, valued at $258.49
  • Each participating venue receives 1x complimentary Industry Conference Pass to EMC10 Conference, valued at $258.49
  • Each performing artist receives a discounted Artist Conference Pass
  • Expressions of interest  are open to any promoter, collective, agency, management company, label, media outlet or creative crew, providing that the proposed event has a focus on electronic and dance music.
  • Successful applicants will sell their own tickets, and retain 100% of their ticketing revenue.
  • All EMC10 Festival events must sell their tickets through Moshtix, EMC’s exclusive ticketing partner (or if your event is free, run your free registrations through Moshtix). 
  • Moshitix will provide a budget toward its own marketing for the festival program and its events. A portion of the booking fee is being allocated to an increased marketing budget for the festival program.
  • EMC10 Festival Hosts are responsible for any additional production beyond venue provisions, lineup and individual event promotion costs. (Aside EMC’s Festival Marketing & PR campaign)
  • EMC10 Festival Hosts agree to allow EMC access via Moshtix to basic ticketing data such as the number of ticket sales / attendees and postcode data of attendees.
  • Successful applicants hosting an EMC10 Festival event agree to include the EMC10 logo on their event creative. Your overall creative is under your control, and we will provide guidelines and assets if you choose to incorporate any of the EMC10 creative elements besides the EMC10 logo into your event design. 
  • EMC agrees to assist with promoting and marketing your event via our national marketing campaign including radio, online, social, street posters, and printed program plus profiling your event via our PR campaign managed by our PR team.


EMC’s purpose is to inspire, educate, connect and diversify electronic music communities in Australia, and ultimately the world. EMC is built on integrity and inclusivity, while always drawing on the fun of electronic music culture. 

Representation of different people, groups and communities is critical to our purpose and our values. A mix of genres, genders, ages, cultures and communities is what makes our world a better and more enriching place. Please consider these values when proposing your event.

EMC has partnered with Muzeek to manage the Expression of Interest process. To apply to host a Showcase/Party/Club Night/Pop Up;

  1. Please fill in your event summary in the expression of interest form below.
  2. New Users: Please verify and login to your Muzeek account from the verification email sent to your email address.

Exisiting User: Update your host profile by logging into Muzeek. To edit your profile, head to “General” tab under “Settings”.

  1. Once you’re in your Muzeek account, make sure your profile is up-to-date with all info about the host including links to websites and socials. Your event details will of course be kept private (until announced), but your profile including any bios, links and media can be publicly viewed.
  2. We’ll be in touch by Wednesday 19 October to let you know if your event will be added to the EMC10 Festival program.  

We’ll be referring to your Muzeek profile as well as your application form to consider your proposed event as part of the EMC10 Festival program. Please upload as much info about the host and your event as possible.

EMC Partners with Muzeek on EMC10 Festival 2022

EMC is teaming up with Muzeek as the music tech partner for EMC10 Festival, to manage the number of excellent events happening from November 25th to December 15th. Muzeek’s automated software delivers technology for the live music industry, designed specifically for artists, venues, promoters, agencies, management companies and festivals.

EMC10 Festival event promoters/venues will all receive a complimentary Muzeek Pro Plan subscription from when your event is announced through to the completion and settlement of all EMC10 Festival events. The Muzeek Pro Plan delivers additional features, analytics and insights which we know you’re going to love.

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