EMC10 x Groovescooter Films Program


Getting It Back: The Story of Cymande

The first opportunity for Australians to see this new documentary about one of the most sampled bands in hip hop, the highly-influential British-Carribean fusionist “supergroup” Cymande.

Session Date: Friday November 25, 2022
Location: Golden Age Cinema
6pm (SOLD OUT), 8:10pm (SOLD OUT)

Session Date: Friday December 2
Time: 6:15pm – Tickets Available

Followed by DJs in the Bar till midnight

Tickets and More Info


Beyond the Blitz Kids, TRAMPS! is an in-depth look at London in the ‘80s and the enduring Queer counterculture architects who shaped music, art, fashion and politics for future generations. Just don’t call them “new romantics”!

TRAMPS! Screening Party
Session Date: Thursday December 1, 2022
Location: Golden Age Cinema + Bar
Time: 6.30pm

Then party till midnight with House Of Mince

Tickets and More Info


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