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The EMC 2018 conference program marks significant changes in its format. The conference program will run from 12pm until 7pm daily, shifting away from its traditional 10am – 6pm programming times. Recognising that music businesses and music creators are working harder than ever in 2018, this new program time will ensure local, interstate and international attendees alleviate their work pressure during the conference by having their mornings open to tend to their day-to-day business.

EMC’s 2018 conference program also approaches its content format differently, moving away from the panel heavy approach of previous years. This year, EMC will feature a stacked Keynote Theatre featuring front to back keynotes over two days, teamed with four breakout spaces focussing on different streams of content – Tech, an Artist and Manager’s Hub, Touring and Events and EMC Studio which houses EMC’s workshops and master classes focussed on craft development and music creation. The Tech stream and EMC Studio will be held in two of the 360 engagement spaces at the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building, delivering an unparalleled environment to engage with dynamic sessions and presentations “in the round” with six AV screens in each space. The Artist & Manager’s Hub and the Events & Touring Stream will be held in breakout spaces designed for interactive, peer-to-peer knowledge and insights exchange.

EMC has consulted industry and our past attendees heavily over the past 18 months regarding conference programming format and it has become very clear that programs heavily stacked with panels in classroom-style format isn’t delivering the value we’d like to deliver to our attendees.” EMC Executive Producer Jane Slingo said.

The 360 engagement spaces for EMC’s Tech stream and EMC Studio are outstanding. Engaging with the visualisation of incredible data driven insights, or to be able to take in a workshop or master class with the presenter in the centre with those attending and six AV screens in the round will be nothing short of awesome for all involved in these sessions.

This year, the Keynote Theatre boasts our most impressive line-up of inspirational figures to date. To be able to deliver – over two days a front-to-back keynote programming – solo keynotes, long form In Conversations as well as honing in on the different streams in our breakout spaces for multiple interactive workshops is something we have dreamed about, but never had the right home to execute this direction in EMC’s programming. We’re very excited to unfold the 2018 program – this first announcement is just the beginning.”

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