EMC10 Masterclasses w/ Moss, Ninajirachi, Nyxen and Taka Perry

today November 30, 2022my_locationThe Lab Studios, Powerhouse Museum


EMC is excited to reveal the EMC10 Masterclass Program in partnership with Ableton and Roland as part of the one-day conference, Wednesday 30 November at The Lab Studios inside the Powerhouse Museum. The EMC Masterclass Program has been designed with a focus on transforming your productions from the laptop to the live stage.

Some of Australia’s most innovative artists – Moss, Ninajirachi, Nyxen and Taka Perry – will each host two intensive masterclass sessions with 30 participants in each group. With options for your level of expertise, the EMC10 Masterclass program provides participants the unique opportunity to learn from these electronic and dance music creators in an intimate setting. These revered music creators and performers will give you the skills to improve in the studio and on the stage.

Artist Passes include:

  • Access to any EMC10 Masterclass session
  • Access to any EMC10 Conference session 
  • Access to EMC10’s Sanctuary Social (social space for hangs, chats and tunes)
  • Access to EMC10’s Opening Night event at The Lansdowne, November 29
  • Access to EMC10’s Emerging Artist Showcases at The Lansdowne, November 29 & 30

Masterclass Hosts EMC10

“From The Home Studio To The Stage” with Nyxen – Session 1 [Beginners/Intermediate session]

Time: 11 AM – 12 AM

Room: Labs 1/2

An amazing performance is a process of constant learning, refining and experience. It can be tough in the early stages and daunting to embark on, but once you understand the basics and put processes in place, confidence grows and things start to fall into place. Passionate about live performance, Nyxen will share the methods she uses to set up her live performance project files, and explain why each step is critical to her own amazing live shows. Nyxen will focus on:

  • Getting started – creating and organising a live performance project file in Ableton.
  • How to set up a project that you can perform at a range of venues from the local pub to a festival stage. 
  • Guiding you through her process of which parts to play live and which parts to leave on a track, and why. 
  • What equipment is essential for you to take your session out of the computer and onto the stage.
  • How to set up a click track.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Organising your project file in preparation for a live performance.
  • Presenting a scalable live performance. 
  • Modifying your songs to create a unique live experience that engages your audience.

“From The Home Studio To The Stage” with Nyxen – Session 2 [Beginners / Intermediate session]

Session Time: 2:05 PM – 3:35 PM

Room: Labs 1/2

Take an up-close look at Nyxen’s full live touring rig and current live Ableton session that she tours with. Nyxen walks you through every piece of gear in her live setup. What each piece’s purpose is and how and why she uses it on stage. This session covers:

  • How to route midi to an external instrument (send midi to your hardware synths).
  • How to route midi from an external instrument (control your software plugins with 

hardware, cue songs on the fly without touching your computer).

  • Learn how to route audio through buses and why buses are essential.
  • What information you need to provide venues and what information you need from the venue before show day.
  • What to do before show day to safeguard against unexpected situations that can lead to disasters.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • A scalable live touring rig using Ableton Live.
  • Confidently routing your midi and audio.
  • Booking or considering a show with complete confidence, and being able to provide the production team with all of your necessary show information.

“Beyond The Four Bar Loop” – Sound Design with Moss – Session 1 [Intermediate session] 

Session Time: 11 AM – 12 AM

Room: Labs 4/5

How can you incorporate identity and unique sounds into your music production to create a more compelling story? Why is story/narrative an essential component? In this session Moss guides you through how he produces music that examines tension, intrigue and release by focusing on:

  • Why ‘the story’ or ‘your story’ is important
  • Sound effect techniques that emphasise lyrics
  • Chord progressions associated with the story
  • Character melodies that further illustrate plot points

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Use sound effect techniques to create music that evokes emotion and makes lyrics more interesting
  • Develop chord progressions to support a better expression of ‘your story’ or ‘the story’ 
  • Create melodies that accentuate tension, intrigue and release

Beyond The Four Bar Loop” – Sound Design with Moss – Session 2 [Advanced session]

Session Time: 2:05 PM – 3:35 PM

Room: Labs 4/5

In this in-depth session, Moss will explore sound design and how song structure can progress your story.  By fleshing out advanced technical knowledge in Ableton gathered throughout his journey as an innovative producer, Moss will deep dive into the following topics:

  • Discussing movies, atmospheres, settings and messages through music.
  • Song structure to progress your story and its context in dance music.
  • Manipulating audio to create new sounds.
  • Creative processing and plugin stacking.
  • Movement through automation.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • The basics of sound design and how to develop this skill on your own to a meticulous level. 
  • Produce songs that tell stories with your own mark and technical identity.
  • How to apply these new skills to an existing project to help amplify your productions.

“The Sample Room” with Ninajirachi – Session 1 [Beginners/Intermediate session]

Time: 12:20 PM – 1:20 PM

Room: Labs 4/5

We know it can be tough to find a helpful, practical and easily applicable tutorial on sampling. It seems like we bookmark and timestamp endless videos only to realise there’s still something missing. If you don’t even know what sampling is, the number of tutorials online might be overwhelming! In this session, Ninajirachi will take you through her method of sampling with a direct line between you and her to soak up her incredible technical skills in sampling. Ninajirachi will focus on:

  • How to make the most of Ninajirachi’s go-to Ableton stock plug-ins for sample editing.
  • Exploring manipulation techniques for samples and vocals to produce a signature sound.
  • Where to find samples and how to (legally) incorporate them into your work in unique ways.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Foundational sampling techniques to work into your existing project session.
  • How to use select stock standard Ableton plug-ins to enhance  in your existing session.
  • The legalities of sampling and useful sampling libraries.

“The Sample Room” with Ninajirachi  – Session 2[Intermediate / Advanced session]

Time: 3:55 PM – 5:25 PM

Room: Labs 4/5

Creating great vocal tracks takes time, experimentation and experience. By making mistakes and learning from them, you can hone your skills and become a better producer. But how and what are the advanced techniques can you employ in your production? In this session, Ninajirachi will take you through her own unique process of vocal production focusing on:

  • Unique vocal production techniques and tricks learned along the way using Ableton.
  • How to work with non-traditional vocals.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Intermediate to advanced vocal techniques applied to vocal recordings.
  • Increased capability to stack and arrange vocals to achieve an entirely nuanced vocal experience.
  • Confidence to explore and experiment, to leave room for happy accidents that can turn into killer hooks.  

“From Philosophy to De-Boring Your Drum Sequence” with Taka Perry – Session 1 [Beginners / Intermediate session]

Time: 12:20 PM – 1:20 PM

Room: Labs 4/5 

Have you ever run out of ideas or lost your creativity? It’s tough to keep that creative spark going and you can find yourself in a loop (pun-intended!) with nowhere to go. Have you ever wondered how the best of the best overcome writer’s block? In this session, Taka Perry will walk you through his process by addressing the mind before the mind stops you:

  • Understanding yourself and what the flow state is.
  • Navigating ‘stuckness’ on an idea, and the techniques Taka Perry uses that have proven beneficial for him.
  • Techniques to get inspired quickly using Ableton.

“From Philosophy to De-Boring Your Drum Sequence” with Taka Perry – Session 2 [Intermediate / Advanced session] 

Time: 3:55 PM – 5:25 PM

Room: Labs 4/5

So you know a lot about drum sequencing and creating complex drum patterns in Ableton Live? But is it so complex that it’s sounding boring or flat? Does the drum pattern sound too sharp and clean that you’re after more warmth and swing? Can you f*^k with the time signature a little bit more to develop a more fun and dynamic sound? In this session, Taka Perry takes us on an acute learning curve by teaching advanced technical skills to ‘de-bore’ tracks. Taka Perry will focus on: 

  •  ‘De-boring‘ drum patterns.
  •  Sit-down drums/midi drums and emulating real drum sounds in an electronic music environment.
  • How to bring life into programmed midi drum patterns to avoid the robotic feel.

By the end of this masterclass, you will have a deeper understanding of:

  • Confidently apply new drum techniques to sound more dynamic and engaging.
  • Experiment with different drumming processes. 
  • Take bigger risks with one of the most important elements of your productions – the beats!


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