Dr Jay Mogis

Founding Partner, MODA DAO


Dr Jay Mogis is a thought leader in media licensing & data analytics and balances a number of industrial compliance issues at a corporate and legislative level. He also drives commercial contracts, royalty structures, and data agendas for the most innovative companies globally. Jay completed his Doctorate of Creative Industries on transparency, technology and law at QUT’s Digital Media Research Centre. His research inspired the Australian Research Council funded project: Music Metrics and the Future of the Australian Music Industry in partnership with Radio Monitor, Nightlife Music and APRA AMCOS. Jay has been awarded a number of creative grants over the years, spoken at conferences and provided musicians with the power to be sustainable through experience, creative entrepreneurship, and technology. Keynotes at MusicBiz, Indie-Con and Electronic Music Conference have further strengthened his unique profile. Jay is a US/Australian citizen with PR in Japan and has a passion for diversity and community.

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