Dundo is an artist, musician, and a producer from Melbourne, where he moved to from Croatia in 2004. He fell in love with electronic music in the late 90s, when he performed as a percussionist and bass-player with House and Breakbeat DJs. As an artist, Dundo creates visual art with music, in symbiosis. Since 2020, he has published more than 250 audio-visual pieces across several NFT collections, and continues to experiment with generative art and sound design. Dundo is a resident at Club JENR8, a clubbing space in the Decentraland metaverse, where he performs live every week. Passionate about sustainability and culture, Dundo has contributed to several projects focused on decarbonisation, land regeneration, and web3 since 2017. Currently he serves on the Board of the Australian Organic Regenerative Farming Cooperative (OriCoop) and is a team member at Oshi Gallery – Australia’s first NFT gallery and education hub.

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