Elliott Bledsloe

Director, Agentry & Copyright Officer, Australian Digital Alliance (Yuggera and Turrbul lands/Brisbane)


Elliott has more than 10 years experience working in the arts and cultural sector, including stints in marketing and content roles with the Queensland Writers Centre, ABC RN, the Australia Council for the Arts, Regional Arts Australia and other organisations. Currently he is the director of Agentry, a marketing and communications micro-consultancy delivering tailored solutions for artists and small-to-medium arts organisations. He holds a Master of Marketing with Distinction from RMIT University.

In tandem with his arts marketing work, Elliott also has extensive experience in copyright and creative practice. He works part-time for the Australian Digital Alliance , an advocacy body representing copyright users and innovators, and the Australian Libraries Copyright Committee , the primary policy body for copyright issues affecting the library, archive and information sectors in Australia. He is also the Co-Lead of the Australian Creative Commons Chapter.

Being on the EMC Advisory Board exposes me to the realities and practicalities of marketing and rights management for working musicians. It is encouraging that EMC is engaging with the changing nature of communications and copyright, and it is great to bring my extensive knowledge of both to the table.


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