Lydian Dunbar

Artist, Tralala Blip


Lydian Dunbar is a sound artist from the Byron Shire in northern NSW. As a member of the inclusive, neurodiverse experimental electro pop group Tralala Blip, he has spent over a decade exploring many regions of sound design such as field recordings, modular synthesis, granular synthesis and experimental vocal and harmonica techniques. Blue Sleep is Lydian Dunbar’s debut solo outing and is out now on Room40 Records. The album was initially inspired by a nap in a beach shelter made of driftwood. Lydian and long-time collaborator/mentor Randolf Reimann had just had a surf and decided to crawl inside the makeshift structure for a rest. Upon waking Lydian told his friend he wanted to make some sounds about sleeping in the shelter. Upon the release of Blue Sleep, Dunbar was promptly invited to perform at Ainslie & Gorman Art Centre in Canberra and Unsound Festival, Kraków in October 2022.

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