Sally Gillespie

Dr., Psychology for a Safe Climate


Sally is a writer and lecturer in the fields of ecopsychology and climate psychology. She gained her PhD at Western Sydney University, researching the psychological experience of engaging with climate issues. She then wrote her book Climate Crisis and Consciousness: Reimagining our world and ourselves (Routledge) to make what she learnt accessible to the general public. What Sally has to say is supportive and encouraging, both in relation to learning how to navigate the emotional ups and downs of climate change awareness as well as developing a greater attunement with our natural world.

A former Jungian psychotherapist, Sally is a co-founder of the Climate Wellbeing Network and a member of Psychology for a Safe Climate and the Climate Psychology Alliance UK. Sally has published, lectured and presented workshops, nationally and internationally, on climate psychology and ecopsychology since 2008 in both the public and private sectors.

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