Lilian Hautemulle

Founder, Sivillian Affairs (Singapore)


Lilian has worked in thE media and technology sector for seven years, gaining experience in the US, UK, and now Singapore working for a range of media, streaming and tech companies. Her time outside of work is committed to the dance music community. In 2019, she co-launched Sivilian Affairs, an organisation focused on creating boutique events and developing up-and-coming artists. 

As Lilian navigates and grows within the dance music scene, she takes every opportunity to include her values around earth stewardship and self-care. 

With 2021 signalling to be a year of rebuilding, regional ties within our dance communities are more important than ever. I am excited to contribute a regional lens to EMC as their team creates programming and events that drive impact across the electronic music industry in a time when we need it so much.


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