Matthew Lymbury

Head of Music & Content - Nightlife Music


With over 25 years of experience in music production, content programming, and content creation around Australia, Matthew Lymbury is an industry leader in the public performance space.

Currently leading a team of curators at Nightlife Music, Lymbury works with artists, labels, and distributors to select the best tracks for public performance. Together, Matthew and his team oversee the music playing across thousands of venues around the world, from nightclubs, bars, pubs, and casinos, to cruise ships, gyms, retail outlets, and more.

His influence on product development, sound engineering, and music licensing at Nightlife Music continues to generate incredible outcomes for businesses and artists. Thanks to his work, businesses can access the high-quality, amazing music their customers want to hear, and artists gain important exposure through millions of plays annually.

Prior to Nightlife, he spent 12 years at the ABC, recording and broadcasting some of Australia’s biggest artists, concerts, and live events. As part of his work, Lymbury was lucky enough to spend time traveling to some of the most remote parts of Australia, where he helped capture unique music and disappearing Indigenous languages.

His passion and commitment to music comes from his own discovery of the joy of live performance, thanks to his contrasting experience both in roadie boots on the ground for the likes of Rose Tattoo and The Angels, and backstage at the theatre working on sound and lighting design.

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