Millie Sykes

stylist, creative director, content creator & performance artist


Millie Sykes is a stylist, creative director, content creator & performance artist.

A provocateur known for her elaborately styled shoots, Millie has carved her own path, confidently blending the worlds of art and fashion. She has worked as a music video stylist for the likes of Clypso, Amy Shark, Guy Sebastien & more.

While her eccentric social media presence has amassed a dedicated following across multiple platforms. Millie consistently goes above and beyond; this also goes for her appearances as an event host, a role that has seen her leading the dance across some of Sydney’s biggest events including the Max Watts stage at Sydney Mardi Gras, Heaps Gay’s Queens Ball & Helena Hauff at the Sydney Opera House presented by Club Mince.

With extravagance & attention to detail being so central to her work, this young artist is hard to forget.


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