Rashida Dungarwalla

Psychologist & Mental Health Educator - Flow State


Rashida Dungarwalla is a Registered Psychologist, founder and head Psychologist at Flow State Space practicing in Sydney, NSW.

Rashida has developed a life-long love affair with wanting to understand people, their experiences, inner and outer worlds; How it all intertwines and leads to the way we behave and show up in our relationships, alone and within our communities. This led her down a path of travelling, living and working all over the world within the mental health field.

Rashida has lived, studied and worked in Kenya, Toronto, the U.K and Australia, allowing for a deep appreciation and understanding of cultural as well as societal influences upon our mental health experiences. Passionate about mental health advocacy and working towards de-stigmatizing mental illness led to the creation of Flow State.

Flow State offers workshops and mental well-being content created by a mental health professional for organisations to ensure mental health remains a priority to audiences small and large in a creative and fun way.

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